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Star Farm

December 7, 2018 @ 9:30 pm America/Detroit Timezone
Star Farm

Whitney Spotts – Lead Vox
Slammin’ Danny – Guitar & Vox
Ryan Tarrant – Bass & Vox
Sean Mirate – Keyboards
Dana Mirate – Drums & Vox

Do you want your MTV of old? Are you spending your Saturday nights watching VH1 count down your favorite retro videos? Then Starfarm is what you need. Starfarm brings the most “totally awesome” collection of 80s songs that you can dream of. Every song played instantly captures that nostalgic feeling, sending you back to the best decade of your life. From the very first chord of the night you will be dancing and pumping your fist in the air, singing along to the much-loved songs of yesterday. Always ready to break a sweat, Starfarm comes complete with cardboard, old-skool Adidas tracksuits, legwarmers, headbands and British Knights shoes. Audiences will be captivated as Starfarm gives them a true interpretation of their beloved hits in a fun and “physical” atmosphere.

Starfarm is based in East Lansing, MI and has been performing together since November 2001. Starfarm is a hardworking band, performing weekly at various venues across Michigan and the Midwest. Starfarm is co-lead by vocalists Whitney Spotts and Dan Malnar, opening a much broader spectrum of song choices to be performed. In addition to male and female diversity on vocals, Starfarm has some of the best talent from Michigan (if we don’t say so ourselves) on keyboards, drums, bass and guitar. These musicians actually play their parts and capture the integrity of each song. Well you may hear a loop from time to time, but come on it’s the 80s. Starfarm is devoted to accommodating all aspects of entertainment for the venue and audience. If you are looking for the perfect band to make your next event a night to remember, look no further than Starfarm!

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